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tv   Port Commission 12815  SFGTV  December 10, 2015 12:00am-3:01am PST

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>> will call. commissioner katz commissioner adams mr. kimberly brandon >> december 8 november 10, 2015 meeting. >> motion to approve? moved and seconded. all in favor aye. the minutes are proved. >> m3 of the comment and executive session >> any public comment on executive session spewed of the comment is closed >> executive session. >> moved to move into executive session. we will now move into is there a motion t reconvene in open session speaker moved and seconded. all those in favor say, aye. opposed, nay. next item
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>> item 6 pledge of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance] >> uptake of lipid of pride to welcome by her former colleague black. nice to see you commissioner. >> please be advised that the ringing and use of cell phones pagers and similar accounting devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised the chairman may order the removal from the meeting room of any person responsible for the ringing of or use of cell phones, pagers or other similar electronic device. please be advised that member of the public has up to 3 min. to make personal public almonds on each
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agenda item before the commission adopts a shorter period on any item. item 8 of the comment not listed on the agenda. >> was there any public comment ? please come forward to the right over here. seeing none, public comment is close. next item >> item 8, item 9 a executive directors report. >> good afternoon, commissioners. members of the public was that by monique moyer is my honor to welcome you here to the james cruiseship terminal which is our pride and joy. many years in the making and we had it available for all kinds of activities, but this is definitely our first port commission meeting here. so, i want to think commissioner adams for his foresight in suggesting this location. i'm glad that all you can out to visit the terminal. and to be with us today. so, we do have a couple things to report on. the
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first, it's my great privilege and joy to introduce to you commissioners, and the public, to new property managers without pointed first i like to introduce emily beale. kimberly, if you can stand please. emily joined the port at the end of september. she's been with us just over two months. she's served 14 years as a regional property manner for safeway incorporated where she perform day-to-day management of 90 properties, managing a team of six so that sounds about like the normal portfolio here at the port. without the team of six property remains the same. no staff. her position with transfer to boise idaho after output since purchase safeway and so that was our great fortune because we were able to lower her over to our side of the bay to join us here at the port of san francisco. prior to working for safeway, kimberly
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manage the portfolio for open foresight associates or about 3.5 years. in doing so she integrates closely with the port of oakland and so gives her a little bit of insight into what it's like to be at the waterfront. kimberly has her bachelor of arts in ethnic studies from uc berkeley. she also holds for california's real estate licensee she's a friendly convention credentialed and townsend and were quite honored to have her join the market so please join me in welcoming kimberly. >>[applause] >> then, it's also my pleasure to recognize and welcome santa over leaf. if you would stand can i feel like i'm crouching down to get to the microphone. sorry. sandra joined as november night. so, almost a month. tomorrow, right? she's had the pleasure of serving 14 years at the mena international
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airport where she was the principal property owner. she managed by property managers and was responsible for generating $90 million in annual revenue. so, we expect her to generate 90 international airport where she was the principal property owner. she managed by property managers and was responsible for generating $90 million in annual revenue. so, we expect her to generate $93 in annual revenue and here at the port. that would be fantastic. cindy has a bachelor of science in organizational behavior. she's also attended the university of santa clara law school. she holds a certificate in concession management from the airport counsel international and we are very very pleased that she has come on board to join us and bring to us a very interesting perspective with her background having been at the airport sector and now the port sector. so that nice intersection between transportation and retail. so, thank you for joining us and please all join me in welcoming sandra. >>[applause] >> that rounds out our real estate team for a hot second, i think. before we have any more vacancies. next, i'm delighted if any of you walked up to the
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cruise terminal from the ferry building area, you walked by our newest water taxi landing, which is at peer 15. courtesy of the exploratory and. were really delighted and grateful to see the opening of the new landing. i've no idea where he is manny. manny, thank you. there are some photos if you put it up for me? commissioners, as you may recall, aren't we exploratory them for the renovation and opening up peer 15 other new headquarters also included the provision to construct a water taxi landing on the south side of peer 15. you can see a picture there. it's very nicely tucked into the embarcadero and up against peer 15 building. it recently opened, and it is a nice sheltered area. it helps
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to be very very pocketed unlike some of our other water water taxi landing it is feasible from the promenade did not talk behind the building. i'm hoping that will increase our ridership. we have already been working to amend our existing operator limits with her to water taxi operators to include this landing site as well as to work with other entities to do small vessel charters. the small vessel being defined as a vessel but less than 60 feet in length and carries no more than 49 passengers. so, we are looking forward to the opportunity to expand people's ability to get out onto the bay and to move along the waterfront by the date. i want to give special thanks and recognition to first and foremost our partners at the exploratory them for taking on this project on our behalf. we are absolutely thrilled and we hope it is a great amenity for the exploratory them and thank you to dennis, who will talk about in just a minute. also, thanks to the folks at the staff at the port. new human, a
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host of others. thank you all so much for two years of work to get this done. we look forward to talking about yet another water taxi landing in the near future. so, congratulations to all and again special thanks to the exploratory. which brings me to my next piece of news which is no secret that our partner dennis bartow is retiring at the end of this month. dennis, who is here,-dennis if you want to stand for just a second? there he is. he was named executive director of exploratory and in 2006. you have to stand the whole time. thank you, though. dennis was made the executive director in 2006. right in the middle of the exploratory and i think third search for a new home. he joined, i think, right as it
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became a possibility that they could potentially come and look at the property at the port. dennis was the one who led their team to what this beautiful building is today. dennis has led the exploratory and was an iconic institution out for nearly a decade. he oversaw the whole project, everything from taking the idea of doing it appear 15, which had been a warehouse, i think that point in time it had been mostly recently used by four vehicles that are part of the mta and envisioning it for this type of a museum use. creating a entity to raise the construction and management. overseeing the move. making a lot of fun out of the move, actually, and then opening it up to worldwide acclaim, which was a lot of fun for all of us. it was at $250 million project more or less and it's been in
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april 23 so this april will mark three years so wasn't all that long ago. unfortunately, then about two years ago there was a lag in attendance, which cause them financial stress. the exploratory them and dennis managed deep budget cuts proportionally some staff layoffs but then he writes as the budget to about $50 million budget annually helps create a $50 million endowment fund. no, attendance has paid attendance has doubled to more than 1 million visitors a year and i forget how many free visitors they accommodate but i'm sure dennis will tell us in a few minutes, but very very impressive. the museum's membership is up to 44,000 members which quadrupled under dennis's term and he's expanded the professional development program to include 1200 features each year who come to the museum. 1200. that's 100 on month. that's another 15,000
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online science teachers who learn new inquiry-based teaching techniques for schools in the bay area and across the country. dennis also created a global studio department of staff of artists educators and scientists who design exhibits for foreign signs museums should effectively replicating all or some portion of the exploratory them around the world. they train for an exhibit builders and counsel foreign governments great new science museums effectively commoditizing the exploratory and brand which it is really a great attribute. now, committee has been organized to do the best they can to conduct a successor for dennis. so, good luck to them. on a personal note, i want to say it's been just a joy to work with dennis. this last decade i can't believe you're leaving. you come in after man leaving before me but i been very glad to know that you been a part of my tenure here at the port, dennis. it has been a real joy
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to work with you. i've learned a lot about science from you but also just your passion for being a member of the community and your joy and delight in being a member of the waterfront ,, and also just pure being a partner for the port from everything from visiting ships to security issues, to disaster response, and just enjoying the waterfront. it's been a real pleasure. it's hard to ensure and explore time without you being there, but we wish you the best of times in your chapters ahead and look forward to the next horizon for you. so, thank you for your partnership. thank you for your vision. thank you for your friendship. >>[applause] >> >> can we invite dennis up to say a few words, please? >> to the port commissioners,
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it's my honor to be here. really good apartment to really make this all possible. first of all, we are so proud to open up that new taxi dock. even more excited to hand over the liability to you. as soon as possible. it's a wonderful new attribute and we are have sorts of different programming and marketing ideas how to take best advantage of it together. in my short remarks i just want to say, first of all, thank you for this amazing amazing location. there cannot have been a better new home-rodney and others who have this get there in the waterfront. the front porch of san francisco for the exploratory good a quintessential san francisco institution. the sony metric you mention either doubles, triples, or quadrupled including the number of school field trips and people come for free which is 130,000
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>> i knew it was a huge number. >> so proud of that. even more been part of the community. it's only been through this amazing partnership that we had with a part. i did say has been the most wonderful collaborative partner. ever since the day we signed the lease up in this get these amazing research and educational vessels at the end of the dock so we open up to the public. openness all sorts of things on the street and waterfront into some art and science. being our partner in every way possible. even bending over backwards in getting things done and i think record time in certain instances. we have just done nothing from jay and susan and everybody owes. the men's sort of respect and cooperation which is double it back to you. it's off to a great start. that's not possible without amazing leadership. so, i just have to commend the commission, monique, it really does start with the leadership. incredible communication and getting together and sharing with each
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other all the time and solving problems together. we have an amazing-i can help skinner and picture without the right in front of the slip in 1985. it was a big highly right in front of our new home. the city was completely separated from this waterfront. look at it today. but how busy the imparted arrow is today. all i can think of is, the future of the exploratory and i think our city standing here 30 years from now and what you think it's when to look like? because the investments and decisions and leadership they are demonstrating here now today for our city. so, thank you for your leadership. thank you for my own personal journey. it cannot happen without the partnership that we had with the port. my own learning. i know far more about how construction and engineering that everybody deserves to know and whether you really want to know. but it's because of the partnership we have and the vision, and frankly, the kind of
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cooperation that's made us in his rental part of the vision for the water where partners are like a lease for the 61 years of the lease. we hope that is in perpetuity and whatever we need to a caucus together to get this aligning this part of town we are in. we are all in and i can say that even for my success bit so, thanks again. monique ward commissioners, everybody for helping us make this wonderful journey happen force. >> >>[applause] i can sit here and keep on the superlatives for quite some time. i know directive moyer is a many who grew up in san francisco going to the exploratory them in and seeing how you just transformed the pier here and what you've accomplished them in the move and the way it's now imaging so many other lives and children
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to those around the world, really to see what you've done here in the model for what this kind of museum can be, i can't begin to thank you for your vision on that, for we saw through and it's just been extraordinary. so, just an unbelievable vision visionary and julia partner with the port. it's been an honor to see what you've accomplished and to be able to talk about this exquisite, magnificent museum on our waterfront. so, my colleagues and i would like to san francisco was i to support presented with a plaque. thank you for your vision devotion and partnership in launching the new export them at your convenience only from all of us, we wish you all the best in your new endeavors. so, thank you. >>[applause] >> why don't you come to the side of the table so we can get a nice picture?
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>>so, next on my report is something that is also very gratifying animation get diapers got involved with the port bond rating and credit in 2004. that would be the most 12 years ago. it had many long conversation with standard and poor's what the port is and
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isn't and for at least a decade, maybe decade and a half standard and poor's assistant the port should be graded according to its work as a transportation. so, they kept transportation agent. so they kept looking at the port of san francisco as a transportation credit. then, in the last decade we've been able to convince the rating agency that we really are not a chance traditional transportation credit. so, i'm very pleased to report that standard and poor's has agreed with us and raise our bond rating on our revenue bonds from an a- to a a with a stable outlook. the stable outlook it really means what i think will happen with the credits over the next three years. which means they don't expect it to be upgraded or downgraded in the next three years. the reason that they've upgraded us from a minus-280 a they continue see very strong debt service coverage. we been very carefully. wonderful
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commissioners adhering to our covenants and making sure debt service coverage is more than adequate. there was a point in the time and the ports of recent history where it was not. we also got strong liquidity, meeting with good access to cash. we've seen good operating growth and each of the past five years and we have a very unique asset base. on the credit we decide, they still remain concerned by our unfunded capital needs. but they do note, we have been very much trying to manage our capital needs and target our reinvestment of our acids and very careful way to maintain our financial performance. so, very very gratifying since 1994 to see standard and poor's recognize the port of san francisco as a a rated bond. congratulations to alain forrest and megan wallace,
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larry brown and don lu and a host of others for their great work and working with standard and pours the expanded credit and congratulations to the commissioners, the staff and the public for the hard work it is taken to turn the port around and make it financially stable. this is an excellent report card for all of us and i hope each and every one of you takes great pride in it. it also hopes to keep our debt cost lower. on the crab season site, as you know, the crap continue to be tested every couple of days. i'm reported on this on our last meeting. most recent test results for crap showed improvement in the levels of demonic acid but they're still not below the safe level. in some areas, they are below. some water areas that are below in some water areas they are not. so, it is not been cleared to be fished yet. crab season normally
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would've opened 21 days ago. so, three weeks ago. one of the levels do come down from acceptable levels that'll take a few weeks for the commercial and recreational opening days to get sorted out. then, when the crab season opens, the crab boat owners and the fisherman's wharf community health to conduct a campaign to reassure the public that the crab is, in fact, say to each. we can expect to enjoy our local delicacy. the economic impact of the commercial fleet here in san francisco is anywhere from 50,000-300,000 pounds of catch. so, it's very meaningful product for us. currently, there are 49-54 commercial crab boats in the harbor, and about 30-40 of them are permanent berth holders. about 14 of them are transient boats. they are from other areas. so, the port continues to watch and monitor this event regularly and were following the lead of the crab boat owners association which is taking a very active role,
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and were keeping our fingers crossed and with the reins hopefully, in the cold weather that stew again, we hope to see the situation resolved. so please stay tuned. the next, i want to point out the schedule for the 2016 port commission meetings is attached, or is available and should be in your packets, commissioners and available to the public. buy things on the table over here. lastly, i like to complete my executive directors report with a presentation by richard meade who's the chairman of the committee for the harry bridges monuments on harry bridges plaza. so, richard. maybe we won't. maybe we just postpone that. i don't see richard. so that concludes my executive directors report, commissioners. >> thank you. commissioners, next item >> public comments. seeing
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none, next item >> item 90 commissioners report. >> it's always been an issue for me that i'm worried about the port and i felt the devastated of accident recently and i just came back from a driving trip in the maldives and a lot of the islands there because the sea level rises is disappearing. i see the impact tore the people in the maldives in the country and their way of life. the people are losing everything because the sea level rising and i kind of worry about the port and i would have some presentations on sea level rise. i think we had to really monitor that's because it's an issue that really happened. there are some people that are basically in denial about it but it's something we have to really look at and project. especially
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this commission because one day we won't be here and we get to leave this commission and the sports as good as hands as we can for those coming behind us. so, i think moving forward we need to keep sea level rise is something we have to pay attention to and get out in front on this issue not with for something to happen. sometimes we can be reactionary where we need to have a grasp on sea level rise. and it admits it's an issue because i've seen it firsthand and it should be a part of our plan moving forward to deal with it. thank you. >> thank you. i think it's a note, i think the ports and the port commission have really been to some degree out in front trying to recognize the impact of sea level rise and several years ago we require that every new project coming towards us include an item with respect to how the impact of sea level rise will impact that project. so, we were i think forward
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thinking on that. not that we have solutions policed we been thinking about how to look at it as we go forward. commissioner brandon. >> commissioner adams >> i looked up a moment of silence for the victims from san bernardino and i ask we adjourned today also in their honor. the manager i ask that we have a modem of sounds the victims of san bernardino. >> we should add to that the victims of the attacks in paris and beirut as well. a moment of silence. >>[moment of silence.] >> thank you. just a very brief reports on a trip that i attended in my private life. executive director, in her capacity as executive director of the ports, with the bay area
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council going to seattle, where we met with a number of officials in both washington state near seattle, but there was particular emphasis-was emphasis on a number of different areas, but of significance for us, there were some time spent meeting with key leaders in the area of ferry service and water taxi and we actually were able to-and authors a photo that's going to accompany-did we get it up? if not okay. but, we had a roundtable discussion and it included the planning director for the washington state ferries, the managing manager of the planning development four-. when the bay area. the washington ferry coalition. we also met with the
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director of the king county department of transportation's marine division. we heard about some of the issues that they been addressing in terms of water transit, and it was a great discussion. looking at ways of applying some of those lessons learned, similarities and differences for us, but certainly, one of my takeaways not only was it just the importance of expanded ferry service, but the success of their water taxi service as well. in there in the king county water taxi system, it serves just shy of hundred thousand passengers and they have a 99.3% service reliability. so, as we see increasing traffic impacting our roads and transit system, i think more more important we all think a look at water service bus ferries and taxi, can ameliorate an improved transit throughout the area. we talked about different options for funding how they
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get their funding, and they were helpful in giving us some ideas from special-purpose tax or in districts ferries and other funding opportunities. looking at different clean fuel approaches and other things and most importantly how they been successful in putting forward a coalition approach to make all of these improvements and expansions efforts. so, working together with the vendors, the operators, and various others to build a coalition. working with labor. making sure all their arrangements are really benefiting in the community as a whole. so it's quite illuminating to meet with them and get their perspective and to see how we can take some of those lessons and applied here, and also perhaps align ourselves with them in terms of purchasing capacity and various other things. we also had a chance to go to the-i'm going
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to blow the pronunciation-key check marine factory where there's actually building one of the vessels that were used in the daycare. wesley got to see the aluminum vessel is being constructed. we also met with the washington state secretary of transportation, lynn peterson come up and her very progressive approach to green transit and really taking a look at how to prove their network, their conservation funding approach, and then the public ferry system. so, it was a phenomenal trip. it was put together in organized by the bay area council. i appreciate there including our executive director on it and i also was very honored to be able to participants amongst very illustrious members of the community here in the bay area.
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so, it was a wonderful trip and kudos to the bay area council. hopefully, if any of you have any further questions you can go to the bay area council site. i know they put up some information or feel free to contact the second director moyer. i know i'll be taking a look more about what we learned and how we can best apply to some of the work we are doing it. that concludes my commissioners report. any public comment? wu next item >> item 9 update on bowl super bowl liind of port of san francisco. >> i can't see-there you are. come on four. commissioners, like to introduce to you was from the super bowl host committee. tell you about the activities that will be taking place related to the super bowl l celebration as deeply as it
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affects the port of san francisco. so, those who could >> thank you and good afternoon commissioners. as you say i'm here to present an update on super bowl l. and the activities they impact on the poor property. i want to start by expanding a little bit of who we are and we are not. so the super bowl l i want to start by expanding a little bit of who we are and we are not. so the super bowl lii midi were originated that were [inaudible] to bring the san francisco to the port of san francisco. when not the nfl. where an independent organization i was formed to bring the bid here and up to host the event. we talked with a number things on behalf of the nfl that include securing and preparing venues. per nfl events and nfl sponsored events. we prepare the stadium for the big game and a number things related to transportation and also putting on a free to the public experience for our community.
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one of the most important goals of those commission was to be the most giving. we want to be the most giving super bowl l the most giving super bowl to date. we therefore formed the 50 funds. already we've given away 5.2 million to date which is then distribute it to 10,000 organizations throughout the bay area serving more than 20,000. that something that's very important to us and our fundraising efforts we wanted to make sure we were putting the community first and that giving back to the community. that's one of our key goals. >> could you repeat those numbers speak with >> today we've given away 5.2 million to the bay area. and basically 10,000 organizations. that's impacting 320,000 youth. >> thank you. >> this slide shows the
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presentation of super bowl week. super bowl sunday is separate s 2016. italy nine-day celebration. it starts january 30. i nine-day period. throughout the week and it's very much a regional event-we take up on january 30 and the opening week is our big bay area opening. mostly san francisco with events in santa clara and throughout the region. there are two main public expenses and i'll talk to one of them which is host committee experience and a little bit but this commitment. there's nfl expense was stakes placed and then super bowl l which our host committee, as i mentioned our. obligation, which is a free to the public experience. these are the two main public experiences. their many private events. including
12:35 am
three that the host committee will be holding in san francisco on port property in fact so we have our first event on 30 january in the ferry building. we holding an event for the media and exploratory and on tuesday, second of february and then we have our thursday night event in the cruiseship terminal that week. there are events throughout the region. i won't dwell on them too much but we have the first opening-night for the nfl is really that monday night that's when the teams will be in tempe that the big media events at the pavilion in san jose. then there's a couple of other key events taking place in san francisco. when i friday the fifth. when i friday, 5 february which takes place on treasure island and a second one on 6 february, which takes place at the civic which is televised event. i mentioned the date is 7 february. the activities that they will be in
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santa clara and the two that i mentioned robbie opened during the game. so the focus on that sunday is santa clara once the game begins. this is a overview of the event taking place on port property. i did mention already the ferry building the host committee event which we holding which is the-will be conducting the main part of our operation for super bowl l the main part of our operation for super bowl 5023 and then the [inaudible]. for the waterfront. we will be using another private events listed here taken place at peer 70, 18 depart, and peer 48. peer 39 is
12:37 am
also been quite a bit of interest in pier 39 as an event setting. we working very closely with many venues in many venues are poor property to basically ensure those venues are hosting events during super bowl week. super bowl city i mentioned this to the host committees the obligation to put on a free to the public experience. it's a nine-day event. it says it says the january 30 and runs through sunday cabaret seven. it starts at 11 am each morning and the closing times vary between three nights until 10 pm but usually 9 pm close except on super bowl sunday where we will close earlier at 3 pm. this is a rendering you may have seen before good we announced the super bowl city back in april. this of rendering it was produced them. very conceptual but a few key things of note. in terms of road closures, there will be three blocks of
12:38 am
market street closed east of-down to stuart street. the southbound embarcadero, between washington and-will also be closed so the event. northbound, the embarcadero remains open and unpacked it and the letter box outline remains unaffected and running as well. we did a number of things from thessaly aguilar broadcast activation between those broadcast for super bowl l is cbs. they will have quite a large set and broadcasting live every day. nfl network and cnn will also have booths and be podcasting every day. a great opportunity for san francisco's waterfront to be televised those nine days. we will have a number of activation, i guess, exhibits an engaging and interactive and
12:39 am
also free to the public that of the peppered throughout the site. there will be some food and beverage the week of that pretty minimal. we really recognize an excellent range of food and beverage both at the ferry building and in embarcadero for and want to encourage exhibitors to go to those locations as well. also recognizing there will be additional people coming to town the week. we want to put on a little bit of the food and beverage so there will be up little bit of food and beverage. there'll be music, entertainment and cultural programming throughout the nine days. we will have the nfl will have a merchandise shop as well in super bowl city. this is a slightly more map version of the site. you can see the three boxes of market street there the southbound embarcadero and also gary bridges plaza were several activations are proposed. there are four main
12:40 am
public entrances to the site which would be driving, or sending the sizing and sending people to one of those is east of phil anne davis on market street and there are three on the embarcadero. one of the southend at-and embarcadero one. the main place on harry bridges where people cross the street from the ferry building to market street. then, the third one at washington and embarcadero. the orange sort of shaped on there they represent different activations i mentioned. they're not labeled but those are actually representative of the sizes and types of activations that will be coming to an presented in super bowl city. as i said, the main focuses is free to the
12:41 am
public it is an entertaining-it's a family friendly. it's entertainment. it's engaging, interactive activities for people. something that we felt quite strongly about was opening that previous week into about the committees and residents to enjoy the taste of super bowl l and two have a super bowl l experience before autocrats come into town during the week. though something without was quite important to us from the start. i have also included in this deck a couple of examples of activation sites that happen -you types might see. this is levi's. what are partners in summer you maybe familiar with the structure because was actually we purchased also originally a [inaudible] original m. 27 for the america's cup. much smaller version of it. that's one of the types of activations that you will see. so there's another one. another partner of us. they be activating with us a wine lounge. hopefully open
12:42 am
to the public. as you can see, there's more robust timber structures rather than tens. tense. but reinforced with [inaudible]. as an example of one of our engines structures. each of those four engines as well been engines structured. the site will be secured. we will have private security put on by the host committee 24-7. there will be bad checks into super bowl city especially in light of recent events. that something our security was always been very important to us, but especially in light of recent events. would i have a hard look at our plans and make sure they are up to scratch and we work very closely not just with the san francisco police department, but with the private security and also the fbi and department of homeland security but specifically super bowl city and the larger events. then, the last five
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have this one i like to mention the ferry building. we are planning to change the 1915 to super bowl xv also put up a banner. it's been put up before by the world series. just a host committee banner for the celebration. i want to say i'm thankful for the partnership that we had not just with reports and court staff, but also the ferry building, and the many city departments which an event like this is quite significant and were truly think over the partnership we have with us city department and have had for the past couple years in the planning of this. that's all i have. >> maybe you could go back to the map slide. briefly talk about paths of travel for people trying to get to the
12:44 am
ferry or traverse the embarcadero? >> yes. so we do i think that ashley might come up. they be not. maybe not? >> so, as i mentioned, it's a secure site that something that's important to us. what we have been watching-were aware of the impact to residents and communities and we been watching very closely with all the buildings in this area. with one markets, with the federal reserve, the hyatt, boston properties in particular. there impacted and also recognizing the huge number of people that commute every day and coming on the ferries that are targeted not just to the financial district, but into muni and around town. one thing that we have put in
12:45 am
place, what we put in place on monday through friday, a commuter lane that will take people from the main entrance here at the harry bridges plaza to an exit just a by the hyatt. so, the host committee will be doing specifically building a police barricade of lane each morning at 5:30 am in the morning that will be secured with private security and backup with sf pd and will putting that in place for committees to walk-through suite don't have to have a bike check for three hours in the morning for the early morning commute. so we can expedite the went to work. there will take those barricades down and clear that the time that we open at 11 o'clock in the morning. again we tried to time this to minimize impact as much as best we can. opening at 11 am in the morning does allow those commuters to get through at those peak times without having a bad check. in the
12:46 am
afternoon, unfortunately, as i mentioned, and you recognize, in light of recent events, the security teams we are working with are not comfortable with people walking through the site that having a bag check while water (however, this site is completely open and free to the public, so commuters will be able to walk straight through the site at any time of day. if that is not desired, they can walk around through, and washington street ordeal and mission street which is an adds about an extra 6-7 min. to commute time. so this is something were actively talking about. this is part of our outreach plan we have a huge number of organizations will be working with and i started to meet with and continue to meet with over the next two months. working closely with our partners with the mta and other
12:47 am
transit agencies to make sure for minimizing impacts as much as we can. >> will be completely enclosed and certain entry points that the public goes through? >> the green areas are the four main entrances that we driving to the want to visit super bowl city. were trying to minimize as much as we can to use the buildings the perimeter. so we can minimize --the we other ways for people to get to embarcadero or the hyatt were one market or the federal reserve. there will be other entrances. they will be secured as well with a bag check, were not forcing everybody that just wants to get to work to use one of these entrances. >> do you want to state a date the street closures are occurring? >> yes. the event takes place
12:48 am
on saturday, 30 january and runs through sunday, 7 february. in advance of that and after that will be needing to build the site and clear the site. so, the estimated time and were still working through this-but we expect saturday, 23 january and then we will be completely clear of the site saturday, 23 january and then we will be completely clear of the site by thursday, 11 february. >> so the plans on those days will change each day, pretty much in terms of how commuters can pass through the site or the site actually won't be secure properly until 30 january. so not until the day we open. >> just to reiterate the embarcadero roadway will be closed 23rd of january through 7 february? >> 10th. >> 10th of every. >> yes. >> which will include the southbound guideline? >> is there a detour? >> i'm not the best person i
12:49 am
know we've been working closely with the mta in transit agent that imports are not the best person to respond to transit questions. i'm happy to get an answer back to you. >> from what i'm aware of so far, the plan is that the bike lane will come over to the east side of the embarcadero adjacent to the ferry building itself. bicycles will be able to walk their bikes to the ferry area because we know that's three weeks that will disrupt them. so we'll continue to the farmers market. we will still continue to have all the activities that we have. there won't be enough footprint there, if you will, to bicyclists riding both north and southbound. so, the southbound riders will have to walk their bikes on the promenade.. i believe the vehicles are going to be diverted at broadway to battery. i do know that the mta
12:50 am
is still working on that. >> so washington will be close? >> washington eastbound is open. washington-sorry. washington westbound is open. washington eastbound, two lanes are closed but you can still make the right from the moment to washington. and get onto the embarcadero. >> i think this is a really good thing. it's only once-in-a-lifetime that you have a super bowl and i like the fact that you reach out to the community. you included the community and that the community i think that's important. i think we all know that san francisco, were second to the new york and congestion and traffic but with success you have problems. it's a good problem to have and i think it'll work out. i can definitely tell there's a lot of due diligence and san francisco, where little city in a lot of ways, but would like
12:51 am
to boxer who's allowed to light the punch was a heavyweight. where in the big leagues now. so i'm really supportive of this and i'm really glad of the due diligence that was done with this. of course, they can be inconvenience but like i said we may have never have a chance to have a super bowl here and we [inaudible] which is the hippest city in the united states holds in the super bowl. thank you. >> thank you. >> before we get into further comments were getting some of the comments. the number of speakers, but if you do not commit a card, you're more than welcome to provide public comment just after i call out the people who submitted a car. you are welcome to come up in the comments as well. first speaker is troy campbell from fisherman's wharf. >> if you could all line up.
12:52 am
>> hello. troy campbell executive director the fisherman's wharf cbd. i just want to come today to share with you a little bit of information why we were excited for super bowl l at fisherman's wharf. this event, of course will have some inconveniences.. that goes without saying but i think the inconveniences will outweigh the impact. a lot of our hotels are already full. a lot of them do contain blocks of rooms that are being held for espn, for the nfl. but also being able to offer minimum stays which is going to be helpful. we also, i want to say that in the week leading up to super bowl sunday last year, that week was the 10, 27, 33rd
12:53 am
worst days for pedestrian traffic at fisherman's wharf. so, anything that we can get down from fisherman's wharf from super bowl city in the city during that time will be very helpful. this a very very busy time of year. were also-i'm happy to report peter albert from the mta presented a traffic plan. peter albert worked on the plan for the people's plan, the america's cup and he did a bang up job. so i felt secure knowing peter was working on this because he's very diligent in very detail oriented. there's also, we've also reached out to mta
12:54 am
to help with there's going to be ambassadors all over helping people get to and from and explain transportation. we have a team of ambassadors down at the wharton's organ be working with mta to get those ambassadors train. so, all the ambassadors run the city whether from the mta or fisherman's wharf cbd, they're all presenting consistent information to visitors. it's also very important and were so happy to know the s line will be running because of the major mode of transportation it is only mass transit that comes into fisherman's wharf so the fact that will be running is going to be very helpful. we want to help in any way we can. i just had the idea sitting here right now that we need to share with other people that drive, that may drive in for the weekend, alternate routes to get out of the wharf. taking van ness to go donate to hide his great way to leave the wharf. if we can provide that information to our visitors, i think it will help alleviate some of the issues. overall, i just want to say were supportive. we thank you for your super bowl l, for what they've done. and to the mta for the concessions and the things they're doing 12 make it
12:55 am
as least impactful as possible, but i think i agree with the commissioner that this a once-in-a-lifetime thing. were hoping to have 1 million visitors this time in the city when it's our least busy part of a year. >> thank you. i think you raise a good point. one of the successes of the makeup was signage for alternative routes. so hopefully we can work with you and mta and others can get those other routes going. next speaker, please. >> hi. patricia holman. director of executive office programs with san francisco travel. we know that super bowl is going to bring international and national attention to san francisco and the type of positive exposure to our city is priceless. we also know that there's going to be a visitors sponsors nfl vips coming in
12:56 am
days before, spending money on restaurants hotels, other touristy attractions. also, rent out for parties and to activate sponsorships. that type of spending in the region is the type of spending in the region for the tourism and industry, it's annually calculated in the hundreds of millions of dollars. san francisco travel is very excited to have super bowl come into the city, took for us to have a positive impact. the marketing that's going to bring it to the city and to the torso and industry, we know that it will outweigh any of the inconveniences. thank you. >> thank you. after it's kevin carroll, troy campbell, samantha higgins. >> good afternoon. i'm
12:57 am
ruthless jeffers. head of communications for the bay area council. thank you for this opportunity. we are regional nonpartisan public policy group formed in 1945. to improve the bay area's economic vitality and quality of life more than 275 member companies employ hundreds of thousands of workers in san francisco across the region. i suspect many of them will be having to navigate through the city and enjoy some of the experiences to mark it. so the bay area council also expressed its strong support the great work for the super bowl host committee are doing to prepare for this exciting event i know our ceo jim wonderment is proudly serving on the host committee advisory group was part of the group that secured the event for this region. super bowl l will
12:58 am
support thousands of jobs and generate hundreds of millions dollars in economic activity. which on a global spotlight on san francisco and the entire region and help drive you towards him, convention, business, and other business-related activities now and for years to come. it is also providing a huge philanthropic benefits including dozens of committee social and environmental organizations. of course, no event of this size encourages without some impacts and inconvenience to residents and businesses and others. we encourage a thoughtful thorough and inclusive work that in organizers are doing to plan for these impacts including the transportation and public safety. we are confident that the impact would be minimized during the short time the super bowl is visiting. with good planning and good strong execution we can make super bowl l a win for san francisco in the region. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioner goodman is kevin carroll executive director of
12:59 am
the hotel council of san francisco. the hotel council members continue to be supportive of super bowl l. we were part of the original bill to bring the super bowl here and hotels commitment to make that happen. our industry, our council is a nonprofit trade association that will slough hotels now in oakland, done at the airport in the north bay are members of our organization. along with the 100 allied members which are other businesses that do businesses with hotels. that's what i think my biggest messages here today is of course is and hope the hotel industry do the super bowl here, the attacks are so far beyond the hotels themselves. our employees live all over the bay area many of them don't live in sense of the scale as well but for them to work, the extra work that can become a part of this, the benefits must we know our guests spend more money outside of our hotels but inside our hotels. so the mayor visiting and spending bills can be other restaurants enjoying the different parts of san francisco as well. super bowl ls and iconic event. where in iconic city. i think the workbook super bowl host
1:00 am
committee and the port of san francisco to make sure we can showcase our city and i think that's how i would describe it. when you look at activities and other waterfront will be showcased at it something we should all be proud of. so, i want to let you know the hotel console and our members are strongly in support of super bowl l. we been working part of the mgs group and talk about how to get the communication out to employees and visitors related to all the transit changes that have to be made to accommodate it. thank you for your time. >> thank you. katie workman is our last part. then anyone else please feel free to line up behind dd. >> how can my name is samantha higgins on your behalf of the golden gate restaurant association to show our support for the super bowl festivities. there festivities to support super bowl for do bring huge benefits for the local economy especially restaurants. were also excited to bring with a host committee on semper cisco restaurant week. it [inaudible]
1:01 am
last 11 days of generate. were also intend the host committee on transit and how to keep our members informed about closers and how to accommodate guests. so, again were supportive of the super bowl activities because of the benefits the bring to restaurants and others. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioner. katie happened with the san francisco chamber of commerce. the chamber was is over 1500 local businesses with over 20,000 employees in san francisco and across the bay area. were very supportive of super bowl l and of the associated events that will take place in the city before the game and during the game. we've been hosting meetings with the sfmta and bart, with property managers in the area, with merchant groups, both in the area and those that are outside of the area to help advance the dialogue between our members and local groups
1:02 am
and the mta and bart about transportation, but the impacts , potential impacts that are going to happen due to the road closures and so on. this is a very important events. these events are giving millions of people into the city. also, people will be watching who don't come to the event or come to the game, they're going to be watching this on television and if it's anything like the america's cup, it's going to bring lots of people to san francisco after the event is over. i think the economic benefits of these events it can be felt for a long long time. if you saw the broadcast of the america's cup, those images of san francisco are unforgettable. i did it's those images by people to the city long after the america's cup events were over. so, it should be a win-win win for everyone. the chamber is playing a role in that. we are really trying to again provide hosting these days will continue to host the meeting could we welcome folks to come. if you're interested in attending the meeting-we would
1:03 am
be happy to have you in the room with us to talk about it but it's for important that everybody benefits both the visitors who come because the lead lots of them come into the city for these events, but also for the regular folks who live here and work here and do business here. the opportunities are there and we had to make sure that we can move people around and get people where they need to go inefficiently and quickly and safely. so the chamber is happy to be leaving in that effort and if you're interested in participating in those meetings, please come and talk to me. thank you. >> thank you. any other public almond? seen seen other public almond is close. commissioner brandon >> rosie, thank you so much for the presentation and that was wonderful. i do think is a once in a lifetime opportunity and i think it's a great opportunity for san francisco and give us a lot of exposure that will help stimulate our local comedy. i also want to know regarding the host
1:04 am
committee and the 5.2 million, just wondering how was allocated and how different groups were chosen for it and if there's any way we can understand who actually benefits from it? >> rosie, come on back up. >> rosie, or pat, whichever you like. >> hi. i'm pat gallagher executive vice president of the super bowl l host committee. let me answer that. the process from the separate 501(c)(3) registered in the money is a application process that's online, open to all organizations who can apply and qualify. so far, the 5.2
1:05 am
million has been distribute it actually, i wish i had here but there's actually an island to the site and you can see every organization in every community with the money has been distributed. the goal is to make it-to keep it in the nine bay area counties. so, this is just what's been distribute it so far. we are hoping to get it --maybe as much as double what we've done so far. we have not done that yet, but that is our goal to do that. so, the focus is on use, environmental sustainability, community engagement. so the organizations that have been funded we fall into that category. >> what kind of outreach do you do or how does someone know to apply for it? >> we have done lots of outreach. i've easily would done a lot of media announcements. also, beginning at 50 weeks, which seems like a
1:06 am
couple years ago but was in february last year, we began every week to give away $10,000 and a playmaker grant, and then with that, we also produced a video that redistributed in the nbc bay area houses distributed to get the word out. for example, a game changer grants that would done a year ago, there were five grants of a half-million dollars each. there were over 150 applications for those grants. the board the advisory board to basically whittle it down to a small amount so that the organizations that are out there , it generally have an idea that we have-i wish we could give all the money away, that we have a way for people to look on the site. we want to make it as user-friendly for an organization as possible. so they have to go through a gigantic process. we can actually talk them through,
1:07 am
online, ashley how to do. >> so someone is injured they would just go to-host committee website? >> you go to the host website or the application is still open. also, you can see where the money is actually gone. >> you making your socialmediaaswell spiritedontwitter.everytimeyougi v'reo nf acebookwhatelseareyouone? >> yelling in the street corners. >> the easiest way to follow is on twitter. >> you can do it on twitter or facebook but also online. our site really excited all. >> thank you. peter commissioner adams. >> this is an opportunity for us. in san francisco we have the
1:08 am
midas touch. i do want to say the security we live in a very very dangerous world. for americans, we've always taken-we been able to go here and stuff like that but the world is a lot more dangerous. we have to always be cautious and i want to thank you guys for. the police, security and the fbi because we can't-we been able to go out and enjoy these of the good word of visitors from all over the world coming to our great city, and i want people to come and have a great time and be safe but enjoy themselves. it's just really important. thank you. >> rosie, think of your presentation. i appreciate your coming to educate us and highlighting the number of events that we actually taking place at the port along the waterfront. i do think it will showcase how extraordinary are
1:09 am
waterfront is good you have to be careful what you wish for. i would keep san francisco a little bit of a secret but now, it will be wonderful to have more chores here and other scene will be what we have to offer as a city. most of all, i want to thank the super bowl l group for i think putting something better. we often talk about symphysis go doing something better and i think this is another example taking this event and figure out ways to give back to the community and get back to the nonprofits. i really want to thank you for that report i hope will now become a trend with that kind of major event. it's really wonderful to see, and is you better results have already come from that. that's a phenomenal number to be able to give to the local nonprofit community. so, thank you for all that. as always, transit is
1:10 am
going to be a big task. i think the more we can start alerting the public to letting them know and they need to adjust accordingly based on obviously unsure of the building had been building somewhat affected by the changing movements will alert their tenants get on the tenet and one of them. i've not seen anything yet, but i'm sure i will soon. i think it's important to give people as much notice as possible that things will be changing so they can make adjustments accordingly. i think i will ensure we have a wonderful and smooth operating event. certainly, with the america's cup, when we had that, i think we really learned lessons and such a medicine movement of people along are waterfront. very successfully. people had a great time and as was pointed out it really showcased our city. so, i think it's exciting, the kind of revenue
1:11 am
it will generate but to appreciate that we have not forgotten that their many of those that don't always share what participate in these kinds of activities, and by providing the funds to a lot of the nonprofits it demonstrates this a chance to do that much better and differently and make us mindful of that. to that end, one thing i do not here and i don't also be any thing along these lines, but whether the be any kind of screening up for people that don't have tickets to the event? whether there'll be able to watch it some location? sort of a group activity.. we've seen that some of the other sporting events in the of. i don't know if that's part of what's being planned but perhaps we'll hear more about that later? again, really just want to- >> just response your comments, actually, the super bowl is protected in such a way there are no large black public events to watch the super bowl. the nfl and the broadcasters are encouraging
1:12 am
people to private parties and public parties but nothing outside. >> thank you. better for our bars and restaurants in our city then. by thank you very much. thank you to the committee as i said for making it that much better and make it such an exciting event and the city. then i just had to comments i wasn't able-i forgot to make during my commission presentation that i just again wanted to welcome kimberly and sandra to the port staff. i'm excited to have them. also, say congratulations to our finance team, who is extraordinary extraordinary results to get the kind of rating for an agency like ours is no small feat. willie just kudos to everyone involved in that and want to thank you again for
1:13 am
that. that's it. thank you. next item >> consent calendar item 10 request approval to issue a request for qualifications soliciting as needed real estate economics and related professional services. >> is the motion? sex the public comment on the consent calendar? seeing none, public comment is close. the item carries. >> item 11 eight informational presentation on events activity at pier 27. 35. >>good afternoon commissioners and happy holidays. to you and everyone you. peter dailey deputy director of marathon. on a given informational presentation of special plans appeared $.27 were having a special event on. 27. if you think about just a few short years ago, if we would have a commission meeting for. 27 we would then talk about buses and soccer fields and taxicabs and a bunch of stuff in a drafty
1:14 am
old warehouse. peer 27 served as well for number of years as did the old administration building which is now replaced by a part. but truly, it was a visual and spiritual barrier of the people from the embarcadero to the bay. much as changed with a new tunnel being opened with a new terminal plaza. peer 27 primarily serves as a cruise terminal and cruiseship provides the lion share of terminal revenue, but a fundamental plan element of our finest wind is to market the venue for special brands to maximize the facilities about you. we have replaced- replaced-we been through our first year of operation and the terminal has been clouded by the cruise industry and mechanized as a successful model for other points to
1:15 am
emulate. this past june, we presented to the port commission a status report on the positive financial progress appeared 27 and peer 35 cruise terminals. this informational presentation is another look a special event business which is a quick window generator for the port. the port's cruise business continues that a record pace which it calls and passenger counts at all-time highs. in fact, in 2016 we had 82 cruise calls book, confirms and we are expected to exceed 300,000 passengers for the first time. commissioner adams has given me that-these are medical for 1 million passengers in the next day. when i try to meet up. if this commissioner once alluded longer than normal and of few hours the grand business
1:16 am
princess will be here and will continue to our mexico for fugitive made also my presentation down a little bit. customer satisfaction metrics. the cruise lines are very specific in terms of serving their passengers could we had a learning curve when we open the terminal but the good news is recent visit to princess cruises is our largest cruise client. they showed up your 27 terminal efficiency ratings have consistently now reached the excellent threshold. while ongoing success will require vigilance and much more work by our team, which consist of support staff and partners with metro crews, and departments with the [inaudible] we should all be proud of what we have a commerce today. with 82 ship calls making her in the coming year. 27 and 35 have wide availability for special events. even take into account time that is necessary to set up and not down after a cruise call. mr. requires one-day
1:17 am
metro cruises are terminal operator the required one day for a call and half day after a call for the facility must be vacant. thus. 27 is booked for cruise operation 170 days leaving 195 days for special events. consistent with reports booking policy which provides first booking cruise calls large special bands that opens 14 months in advance. cruise ships are the priority. we have some flexibility as we look back of terminal at pier 35. in fact, to talk what the super bowl we had to shoot it calls for super bowl week the leadership said peer 35 but with little impact bus to allow this facility to be used by the nfl for whether special parties. the cruise lines are happy with it to be part of the super bowl buzz. our management group provides an economic structure for revenue sharing
1:18 am
and all lines of business here. for special month metro we shared with the rental revenue equally. metro for those of you that don't know, provide specialty hospitality in guest services for the cruise industry throughout north america. for their foray into san francisco they partnered with-studios a well-established bay area event producer. metro has now, since it had successful business here, they extended their event operation to new york city with a now manage events at the brooklyn cruise terminal. when there successfully replicating the business model here. special bands that people know in the industry are booked years in advance sometimes takes 2 to 3 years, four years before reaching stabilization. demand 4000+ guest venues in the city remains strong. but surprisingly, there are less and less venues in the city that are able to accommodate that size of people. in 20 oh
1:19 am
15 metro posted at pier 35 and 20 7e quitting to 3.4 events per month. there were 35 catered events with an average gross revenue of about $48,000. which told about $1.7 million. the approved annual base production that we presented to the commission was that we would have 52 advanced averaging $23,000 per event totaling $1.2 million. while we had fewer than events and projected the revenue per event was more than double. the type of the events that we had, heavy obviously tech user conferences. automotive. groups, fashion shows, fundraisers, the ranges from 300-are currently $35,000 a day. the event they rent the entire
1:20 am
building or portions and priced accordingly. this year's users of the terminal include apple, concorde technology, electronic arts, facebook, ford motor company, google, levi strauss, linked in, nfl, while fluorescent, somehow, twitter and uc berkeley. we hope you forgive them sort but but 2016 continues a positive trend with urging events already booked averaging at $70,000 per events. other than revenue generated event this agreement with a port call for metro to host a number of community events such as this commission meeting. at no charge. in 2015 the highlight of our community events with the performance by the sentences go symphony of this past july. we attracted
1:21 am
about 6000 attendees sat on the grass and enjoy the wonderful performance. it was such a success the company is booked for next summer for another concert. other community events included the dedication for james r hyman memorial which is on and i hope people the chance to look at it on the way out of the building to get we that event from the san francisco art alliance. many civic meetings we continue to think that community love more and more axes the building going forward. there are opportunities to develop even more robust program at pier 27. the gta what we call essentially the parking and entrances, it has a lot of opportunity for events. the big conservation development commission permit allows us to host events and inquiries from
1:22 am
designers. we have not really got there yet but we anticipate as we go forward that become another area we can expand our operations in. there's also potential in what we call the pier 27 behind me. the permit allows or requires the port to develop a program to enliven the space to draw the public out to the provide activities free of charge and open to the public. the provision area is needed for cruise operations, obviously, with the bayside viewed we think there are some opportunities to leave the tip of 27 to more community and revenue events that could be public and clearly accessible. the-initially, when metro took over the facility there were concerns in the community at the america's cup concert series that the noise would be difficult. so, metro met with members of the community and established a good neighbor policy. that was aimed at ensuring that the nearby residence would not be adversely impacted by noise,
1:23 am
litter or disruption. key parts of the policy included a promise to work closely with the neighbors to ensure ongoing communication. ensuring that metro provides conduct and phone number to all interested parties that we entered at all times by staff who have the authority to adjust the volume in response to other complaints. metro has recently amended the good neighbor policy to now include peer 35 as has been used in a more intense manner. in terms of noise, the policy states the legal noise up audible outside the peers during the hours of that violate article 29 of the san francisco police code. metro in the port will continue to respond to any complaints about public and make sure constructive steps are taken to avoid future issue could we also work with cruise ships that are here to have the cruise avoid excessive use of music or public address systems unless required by drills. metro tries to limit the use of port [inaudible] amid warning
1:24 am
beeps to the operational ability or the early morning and night operations. in closing, 227 outlook for special fence is very very strong. we love to work with metro and the community to expand events activity into the tip. metro is going to market the facility internationally to gain more revenue in order to demand for our facility. with your permission, commissioners, the president of metro is here. he could say a few words and answer any questions you might have. >> please, welcome. >>good afternoon commissioners.
1:25 am
under executive director money. it's good to hear this report from peter dailey and i just want to echo his remarks. we are simply very pleased with the performance of the terminal as we open the facility about a year and two months ago. we had sincerely hoped that the expectations could be met and we will all worked really hard to make sure that only we could deliver the experience that is sort of presented it also that the cruise industry could continue to validate the investment and the efforts, as well as the community for special events, which was a new community for us. it could be attracted as we wanted. so, the fact of the cruise industry is doing so well, the customer satisfaction is peter referred to as being 95 which is at the top of the country, some of the
1:26 am
best the sillies out there, cannot match this customer satisfaction ratings speaks extremely highly of the partnership we've had. and everybody else and then the events become such a major element of the revenue, again validates what we wanted to see. so, i'm going to ask john which is the director of operations, who oversees events to give us a few moments of information whether on events. for my part, i just want to say, we can see this potential to continue to move forward. we have a target of an additional cruise line to be brought in here so that we can-we don't have to rely so heavily on princess cruises is a primary clients. caribbean and celebrity is definitely a target for us. locally, we
1:27 am
continue to work with local business enterprises, which are commitment we made, and have had a real over a close quarter million of dollars of revenue would had this first year, with the year which was not extraordinary but was a start. we continue to engage with them in allowing them to be part of this success. so, john if you want to cover a little bit what we've done in 2015 and what were looking at a doing 2016 a little bit. >> sure. good afternoon commissioner john-charge of the events division. first of all, thanks for having us down your volume your phenomenal event is a bu can see it now, but we have an amazing view starting with treasure island with a bridge and then you see the city lights coming alive right now as we speak. it's really a phenomenal event facility. probably the premier event in
1:28 am
san francisco right now. i start working with events six months before the terminal even open conducting hardhat tours. as peter mentioned a lot of our clients with working a year or two years out. we surprised to the terminal opening was our first event two weeks after the opening of the terminal with the san francisco maritime museum and then shortly thereafter, san francisco giants won the championship also hosted their event here. became apparent very quickly that having a part-time events person would not fly sweetheart. event manager melanie wesley. modicum and you want to raise your hand and say hello? anyone interested in event. please see melanie. then we continue on a roll every sense and also another member to the team, samantha davis two weeks ago. really, the feedback from the event community has been phenomenal. in 2015, we did $1.4 million in
1:29 am
revenue here. about 30% of the original estimate and one of the examines appear 27 when we have space for clients who cannot fit for this wasn't the right facility for them to come over to pier 35 are vintage cruise terminal to show them another space and believe it or not the warehouse style space is very suitable for many events here. we pose hosted a coffee or for electronic arts posted their out a party there last week. so, pier 35 has a lot of potential for us as well. i will say, the goal is to increaseis 27 and 35 in event last week and we had simultaneous events at both facilities. so, it's looking good. >> thank you. back >> that concludes our presentation. >> thank you. do we have public comment?
1:30 am
>> anyone else wishing to give public comment, please line up. >> i'm christopher christiansen the local 10 and i know some of this presentation was on some of the events for the cruise ship terminal, but one behalf of the local 10 because we are the labor workforce for the cruise ships that come in, and i just want to say that we much appreciate the board of san francisco and metro cruise for all the court work and diligence they do, and are wonderful working relationship that we have with them. we strive, as the labor, for the cruise ship terminal to be better and support metro and with dignity and value and to make sure that we meet that goal of 1 million passengers in the next decade and that we do
1:31 am
very much love working for, working with metro, working with. 27. it's a very very big privilege to come to work here every day. so, thank you. >> thank you. peter. >> i'm sorry. one thing. i was just thinking in terms of special events, with a special event? is important for people to remember this terminal during daylight hours is open for public access and the gates are open and people can wander out onto the from the embarcadero to the tip appear 27 along with the apron could really get close to the bay and observe all the wonder-what vacancy advocate that might be a special event walking out there and having your life. it's very open publicly accessible facility. i forgot to mention that earlier. >> thank you.
1:32 am
>> you not to rain on my parade are you? john-john dollinger. member of the northeast advisory committee [inaudible] waterfront planning great and i care about these peers for a long time. first thing i would say, peter, i want to commend you for in last year since this opens work with the committee and others who are down here a number of times try to make sure public space was actually open as you know was not adverse. providing an exam of come it's always been open good i think that's important. it's not public access to people can actually get there. willie, that's the theme of my comments. i would really rain on your parade only in a couple ways. one, the signage is incredibly poor. there's actually archival plastic signs, but almost no one who walks by these peers or lives in the neighborhood knows this is open space. who knows are allowed to come down here. needs are intimidating. there's a lot of activity. i am form
1:33 am
but most people are not good i think the id of the spaces that people should get out. i really want this idea was raised earlier. urge you to make a top priority of putting real signage here. it would take a must no effort to paint a blue strip from embarcadero along the walkway out to the pier 29 two. all grabbed a paint can and brush myself. just >> you are hard. >> you are hired. >> an exceptional except the occasional exhibit we have an exploratory and an insight about the labor connections to the waterfront history i think would be to replicate in an outdoor way were next to the building. one, i would object to the notion that that space, which is one that would be converted to hide evidence which is adjusted in a memo. the permit does say specifically
1:34 am
for dems to enliven the space time the public out to the tip and provide activities that are free of charge and open to the public. the private event that happened in the space metro runs are not free of charge and open to the public. exactly the opposite. a symphony was fantastic. that really was to media only-i would not call it, while this is fantastic meeting this is not a community meeting in this sense the symphony was. i would not argue that the idea is people invited to enjoy and celebrate just have fun. when i do more of those event? my suggestion would be when i take the 1% for public art motion and applied to this terminal? it would be $13,000 that could at least be used for modest programming to open up the waterfront for everyone. and, lastly i think metro has been doing a decent job. i would encourage them to
1:35 am
recognize this is a public building and not theirs and if they can think on their own without having to enforce them a way to open up to public i would appreciate it. thank you very much. >> thank you. other public comment? please come forward. >> my name is joe jason. a resident of san francisco and ivan office and financial district. my comment about. 27 is, i utilized it three times. i was america's cup fan and then after attending once, i started to throw business means that the espresso shop. so i see three business meetings and a total and we could produce quite impressive. then, the second one i was invited to an event in >> the software developer conference that was here, and the third one was i attended the giants celebration party
1:36 am
and i want to say, logistics and everything was seamless on all three events. very well done with security and getting us in and out with traffic. so thank you. 27 and this facility. >> thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. peter, did you something >> i am done. >> commissioner b brandon >> peter, thank you so much for that wonderful presentation. stefano, thank you for your words and her membrane are remembering how poor they are to her local community i think everything about this building is a huge success. i think it's just wonderful from the number of cruise calls being so successful to special events and the revenue that will help to pay our bonds off so we increase our rating even more. two other public that this
1:37 am
facility springing with the new open space could advance absolutely wonderful. so, i really want to thank the ports that for taking this on and ashley building it and opening it and make it so successful. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you commissioner. i like i neglected to mention earlier, but i do want to point out the long-awaited public bathrooms have been added to the beltway and they are open. they been open now a couple weeks. i hope you will avail yourself of them. these bathrooms are really nice to but they've come forward as a result of this post. thank you for your words. >> commissioner adams >> great report stephan, i appreciate you being here today. the sum was never happens. this is like a project that took 25 years in the making to get his cruise terminal here. i was on the first committee that
1:38 am
mayor newsom put together an advisory committee we were looking at pier 30 and 32. there's always good behaviors. the people that make negative comments or whatever, and that's fine. my grandmother used to say [inaudible] in essence saying that there's a great opportunity. this is an icon here in the city. when you walk by this waterfront, this thing just lights up. it's like a light of good energy. it's a good soul force for our city. when you think about we are close to 30 million visitors a year to walk up and down this embarcadero. basic this iconic place and if you look at the view salesforce, i think they had their convention on the ship and the part on a doctor a week. they did also nightly to go out to our stating. i know you've got to have-there are
1:39 am
some places the city began the people just run wild. you just can't. you've got to have security. but, i would like to see more people come in here and toward this place. to see -because this is very nice. and this is something in our backyard. and what we are trying to as a commission to everyone to come out we appreciate this, we want members in this community to realize that there is a poor tip. this is a waterfront. this belongs to every citizen in our city. you don't have to have any money. we want you to come down and enjoy this. this is something we have that we should cherish. it's like a jewel any museum. this is great. i know stephan, gimme with-in seattle and there was some negative comments. a lot of people-i'll just share this story. there was some negative comments about passengers getting on the ship it. i'll tell you like it is. they were talking about the workforce here. remember of the i/o w
1:40 am
good on the secretary-treasurer. local 10, the sacred treasure here kris kristofferson, they worked with metro and they cut down on their own membership is that you know, what's happening down there is unacceptable. when people get up and come to san francisco they need to see people with a smiling face am a hello, because it's good customer service. that's what we are supposed to be about. they told her membership, if anybody goes down to work at this terminal and their rude to a passenger they can come down here to work for five years. sometimes when you get people's attention you hit them in the pocket book. you grab their attention. not just slap them on the wrist. no. you hit them where it hurts i don't stephan remarks and reviews they are giving out from the passengers,
1:41 am
they said it regained confidence in coming back to san francisco, and they said this the best terminal in the united states to come. so, that just shows working together and sometimes communicating and sometimes tough love can turn things around. i just want to say am proud of my brothers from the local 10 for taking that. stephan called me, money, and we were together to turn it around. we have a jewel here brothers and sister. and people want to say this and that and complain and why that is fun. this is a great and i'm really happy we have it here and i'm glad as a commissioner on my watch man when i came into the union the terminal is named after him. as the only terminal named after union leader lifetimes of people think same about working-class people that's why came from james-was a little guy about 5.3. if you
1:42 am
look at that the cruise was named after him. it's not the size of the person it's what's in their heart. your commitment that man loves san francisco. so, thank you. >> thank you. follow those remarks. i just want to thank you, peter, for your present it thank you everyone for being here today. but it's been wonderful for us to be able to speak about the successes of the terminal as we sit here and can really enjoy the scenery, the view of the lashley from the site we don't get it though i note the audience gets it to see a little bit of the view from the windows here. this is been such a tremendous success to the ports and i think today highlights even more as we've had speakers from labor to the -two metro to ports that are talking about working together and figured out how to make this such a tremendous experience for visitors coming through san francisco and also great opportunities for locals to have event both private events as well as the public events having attended the
1:43 am
symphony does extraordinary and the first event we had here was a pre-celebration of the world series energized eventually one. it was a perfect way to kick it off with one of our major tenants joining us for it having their big celebration there. so, with so many different successes in great amends and i can see more in the future. i know what to get to 1 million passengers sooner than expected. i really want to thank staff. was a labor of love to get this built in such on-time, on budget fashion after many years of trying to get a new terminal built, and peter, for your stewardship with all the different moving parts and all the other staff that was involved in this. most of all i want to thank the working relationship that we've had with labor. i/o w you put staff and our neighbors. because i think one of the
1:44 am
things we don't hear complaints in the neighbors but we actually hear, all here are primarily thank user creating a grassy space in open air. the opportunity to walk around, to have access to the water and to participate in a variety of different events. so, there's always room for improvement to everything but i think were off to a really exciting start this year. >> i'm sorry to ramble on. i first met commissioner adams on a blue ribbon committee back in the day. we both had a full head of hair it was so long ago. this one guy involved in this from the get-go. it's public knowledge now that he's retiring next month. i just wanted knowledge and he's in the audience again by name was john doll who is a project mentor for this project. these behind-the-scenes lobby with a note view the work he did on this, but also knowledge and public. john, can you please-
1:45 am
>> stand please. >>[applause] >> thank you. speaker thank you, john. it was news to us. >> yes, thank you peter. >> next item >> item 11 request approval for a second short-term extension to the operations agreement with chevron usa incorporated loan continued operation with richmond california refinery is a foreign trade zone number three subs on site additional six-month expiring july 27, 2016. >>chevron has been operating the richmond refinery is a subset of the port of san francisco number three for the past 17 years. that agreement
1:46 am
expired at the end of july, this past year. we came to the port commission in july for approval of an extension of this operating agreement for a term of five years for three options for additional five years each. at that meeting, commissioners had questions regarding the scale and scope of the foreign trade zone program requested further community outreach on the impacts of the federal program. it approved a six-month extension of the current chevron writing agreement with expired in in january 12, 2016. to commerce these tax. as a result of the poor commissions request in order to expand public outreach the port of san francisco to get it with the city of oakland them up granted porn trade zone jolie held a three happy regional form for parties interested in learning about the benefits of foreign trade program. we have over 65 attendees. presenters from economic development,
1:47 am
other cities, companies working to learn more about benefits representatives of the city of richmond where chevron finery is located. it participated on labor represent oakland and also were invited. following his regional form, the poor sap made a informational presentation to the commission on october 13 outlining the overall scope and mechanics of the federal program. it answered questions regarding its geographic scope, economic benefits, as well as uniform treatment provisions of federal law. the foreign trade zone board of the yes is customer service at have federal oversight over applications that grant such as the port of san francisco for approval. in terms of discretionary approval, the board mandates that each zombie operate as public utilities and that the grantee shall afford also may
1:48 am
apply for the use of the zone uniform treatment under like conditions. chevron has chided the not the loyal only oil company the port that generated our grant with. in 2012, the valero refinery and then in 2014 phillips 66 refinery port commission approves as of zones had a status to those competing oil refineries. at the october commission meeting discussion ensued regarding making sure the company is taking advantage of the them are good corporate citizens. poor sap has is researching ways that we can introduce this concept into future ftc operating agreements within the grounds of federal pit we've reach out to the board in washington dc and i think we can come up with some creative ways to put put limits that answers the commissions
1:49 am
concerned into an operating agreement that is within the bounds of our ability. chevron has requested the current ftc agreement to expire at the end of next month that we add another six-month extension onto the current extension expires on january 27. this will allow us to explore with a foreign trade zone the concept of how good corporate citizenship can be woven into agreements as well as with chevron's was other future operating agreements brought before the port commission. chevron has been briefed on the good corporate citizen question on the commission package is committed examples of their outreach and philanthropic activities enriching california is was the city and county of san francisco. this extension will allow us to investigate our options will not interfere with the current chevron operating agreement were decreasing for foreign trade on
1:50 am
board. i'll be glad to answer the questions you may have. >> thank you. so move. >> second speaker we have a number of public speakers. first guy that andrea bailey. from chevron. following and it will be bob i apologize for the sake lily from ibw. dd working. hero worthy in and show-if you call had up. >> good afternoon. commissioners, and executive director money. thank you for the opportunity to speak your to the port commission today on support of chevron's request for six-month extension. to us current foreign trade zone operations agreement. my name is andrea bailey mbe community engagement manager for chevron in richmond at the refinery. in my role am responsible for managing and dividing social
1:51 am
investments in the richmond committee. these investments are those on economic revitalization and job training. temerity health activities, all which are lined with the central goals of a foreign trade zone program. to support local economic development and jobs. po economic revitalization initiative we pledged $10 million and social investment by helping to create pathways to sustainable living wage for better jobs and careers in growth industries. for richmond and north richmond residents. your investments and workforce development, training programs like well-being, process plant operator industrial maintenance mechanic, we prepare students for entry-level jobs in manufacturing petrochemical and other related industries. to our $5.5 million systemic education investment we seek to increase student learning in math and science to programs like our-where kids adults, and business can become inventors,
1:52 am
entrepreneurs, and makers of the future. to our tenure 30 pledged to the city of richmond were hoping to make secondary education possible to the richmond promise program. begin with a graduation graduating class of 10 2016 we are working in partnership with the city so that every student will be eligible to receive up to $6000 in tuition grant to university, community college, and her technical vocational educational permanent. these are just a few of the many social investment chevron has made in richmond. in fact, in 2009, chevron has invested more than $600-$600 million locally creating jobs, helping local businesses training residents, helping nonprofits and paying taxes that fund essential services such as schools and public safety. as i said earlier, one way or another,
1:53 am
investment alliance with the goal of supporting us manufacturing jobs. that is why i hope you will support the port staff recommendation to grant a six-month extension so that by working together the port and chevron can achieve a long-term foreign trade zone operations agreement. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. pleasure to be here today and pleasure to be able to speak to you. it would be even more pleasurable like this microphone where my mouth is. i represent the approximate 1300 members of the international brotherhood of electrical workers, local 302 good russell proud members of the construction building trades council. we, too, should port shipments six-month federal trade zone permits extension. you hear a lot about free trade and free trade pacts
1:54 am
and so forth. free-trade zone concepts allows for raw materials to travel into the united states, relatively unimpeded certainly unencumbered initially by some fees and tariffs. which aren't levied where are the more proprioceptive this means us businesses using us workers will provide us jobs which in turn will strengthen the us economy. that benefits american workers whether they work in these manufacturing jobs are not. certainly strengthens the economy in the area. this allows us in addition to maintain our competitiveness in the world market. at any given time, we represent 200 workers at the chevron facility in richmond that these are highly skilled, highly motivated and well-trained men and women from diverse backgrounds, and they all enjoy hiking middle-class jobs. chevron richmond supports
1:55 am
local labor. they've entered into a project labor agreement on a modernization project with countless other agreements with richmond refinery. these jobs and these agreements help our local economy here in the bay area and because of this, we recommend extending their six-month permit. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon again commissioners. he working with the san francisco chamber of commerce. the jammer supports the exception of the operating agreement with chevron for the richmond refinery as a form trade zone subsite. customs relief provided under the ftc agreement prevents maritime activity in the region. these activities create more maritime jobs, increase sales taxes and business licensees to provide economic benefits to the whole region. chevron's longtime san francisco business. i think some people are not aware of
1:56 am
that or forget and they're very good corporate citizen did they invest millions of dollars into san francisco's nonprofit community, including exploratory and right here on the waterfront. this emphasis go chamber urges the port commission to approve the ftc operating agreement extension with chevron. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hello. my name is cairo where the. the second director of for richmond. a corporate sponsored organization from chevron. i'm here to speak about how they are good citizens in regards to my organization that i lead. they invested over $1 million over a long back in time to support what we do in the community by implement team and supplementing when the committee members need. the way our community works were my organization works, we are fed ideas and suggestions by the
1:57 am
committee on what we should do, and i cast my staff to bring those things together. to date, we've served over 20,000 people here in richmond. we have placed over 500 individuals with employment not only the refinery but other refineries and other long-term gainful employment. we use-we have received 25 scholarships to give to people. these past two years to go to colleges and those people ever turn back to our committee have gainful plummet as well. in our health pillar we support our local football team the richmond steelers, but making sure that they're academically sustainable within school so they can still play. that answer given advocacy tools necessary to help their
1:58 am
children be successful at school, and to ensure that the young people know the next that's not only around sports but with other academic choices they can make after they're done playing football. i support chevron's getting their extension for another six months. i can only speak for what they've done for my organization and the community, they've done very great things and you are very great supports. so, thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. i guess not speaking any other public,? seeing none, of the common is closed. commissioner brandon >> thank you so much for those comments. it's great to see chevron has a much support here in a board meeting. the two commissioner adams >> i appreciate chevron reached out and crew has large support. one of the things for me i brought up was that
1:59 am
corporate bad behavior anytime we signed agreements to something just because a corporation might do good one things in one area that means they're not doing other things in other parts of the world and other places maybe not paying taxes, destroying communities. the doing a lot of different. so, we just want something that says that the company has corporate bad behavior to have to be accountable. that's all were saving. so, i appreciate chevron wanted to talk with us and appreciate all the stuff the doing in the community that support the six-month extension, but i think with any agreement going forward, anybody with old people accountable and we can't allow sometimes people can throw money out there and people look the other way and that's fine. i'm not saying that's happening here, but i'm just saying corporate behavior can be good in one area combat somewhere else around the world. you get this image of it and you're thinking this company is great and that we do something
2:00 am
different differently in australia origination overtime. that's all. going forward, we've got to hold him accountable because we want the best for the community but also as commissioners would that be accountable and we have our permission for a lease. so, thank you. >> thank you. thank you, peter for the presentation. i think our last meeting one of the things we focus on making sure there was adequate outreach and education regarding foreign trade zone. generally, i think it was some confusion and recognize this is really opportunity to get the word out about what the foreign trade zone incorporates, income is and how it operates in the bay area. so, i appreciate there were able to hold a joint meeting with the city of oakland . another foreign trade zone
2:01 am
grantee, provide that education to businesses in the community and maybe all to take advantage of the trade zone opportunities. as i think the speaker from ibw well articulated, the advantages of having these foreign trade zones provide to businesses in our communities. i also appreciate your comments there were going to look to see if there's some ways within the confines we have under the foreign trade requirements, to see if there's any other criteria that we can add to that that because this is a benefit-were not gaining anything by providing these foreign trade zone. it's a benefit to the community and given that some of these businesses benefit it's an opportunity to see pretty make sure that these businesses are good stewards and the community and within the bounds of the law and criteria we can add something along those lines to all of our free-trade zone operator agreement going
2:02 am
forward. i also appreciate your looking into that but in the meantime very happy to the port a six-month extension of this item. so, thank you. >> all in favor aye the item carries. >> item 12 request approval of memorandum of understanding between the port of san francisco in this emphasis go human services for use of a portion of pure 29 in pure 80s shed a temporary emergency winter shelter for homeless adults during el niño 2015-2016. >> good evening. commissioners. executive director mueller. the general public and ports that. my name is tom cotter import deputy director for maintenance. tonight, i was up with me david quinto who is operations rector for san francisco's human services agency. tonight, i'm here to seek approval and
2:03 am
request approval from her memorandum of understanding between the port and this emphasis go human services agency for the use of a portion of pure 29 and pure 80s shed a for jeffrey emergency winter shelter promise adults during the el niño 2015-2016 winter. in preparation for the 2015-2016 el niño winter, the city has made many efforts and when those efforts we been making is to care for the most vulnerable of our population. early october, executive director moyer requested staff to take a look at properties to see which ones could be utilized for emergency shelters and to assist the cities efforts
2:04 am
. in late october the mayor's office called a meeting with city departments to reach out to us to do the same thing, to find these locations of it potentially could be used for emergency shelters.. the vision -excuse me-the vision was to prepare sites for the storms and for those sites to be available from december 15 through march 15. also, to house up to 1000 homeless folks and also to spread this throughout the city and help sites citywide not just in the port but in different neighborhoods throughout the city. the homeless outreach was by the human service agency and directed towards those shelters that are open and available. what you see here upon the slides right now is the two sites. what we settled on was pure 29 and pure 80 shed a. the
2:05 am
shaded area is the area that's proposed to be used. each one of those approximately 10,000 ft.2.. within those areas, we plan on doing and human services agency plans on doing, is to demise with fencing to put up tents and in our case there will be a structure that will have a wall around the world area,. they would like to have restrooms on site. they will prepare two meals, served two meals the repaired on-site and they will have security personnel and social worker and qualified volunteers from their agency and other city agencies
2:06 am
to work as as service workers. these plans have been presented at new agriculture on december 2 and was not a meal but they haven't e-mailed to the committee so they could respond and give any input on the plans. excuse me. so, clos so the proposed for the shelters -excuse me. i was hoping to look up the slides. >> you can just take the microphone out and come out in
2:07 am
front of the podium, if you want. >> thank you. the proposed use. the areas will be lined by a fence. let me back up. the proposed mou and the terms of the mou that we would have the shelters open from december 15-march 15, two options to extend the shelters. but it'll be 20,000 ft.2 and pure 29 and him. 80, excuse me but 10,000 ft.2. is asking the commission ways the rental fees security deposits and the emergency [inaudible]. again, going to the staffing. the staffing for each shift am a which is all ours. it's 24 hours a day.
2:08 am
there'll be at least one social worker, to security personnel and three additional staff. his was being committed. human service agency will provide port staff the single 24-hour contact so we can reach into them and you with any issues we have. the human service agency should be so irresponsible for setup maintenance and closure of the facilities. support staff is collaborating with human services agencies apt to determine the feasibility of a hotline for residents and businesses to use regarding the proposed use. the current proposal is to use 311, which is used for most other requests for citywide. that is my presentation but i thank you. i'm david-david-is here and i'll answer any questions you want.
2:09 am
>> i have public comment from tori freeman. actually, i take that back. yes. tori freeman >> hello. i'm tori freeman. the indian basin neighborhood association. our mission is to preserve the maritime history, natural beauty and diverse character of unique ambience of the vibrant mixed use neighborhood. venue basin through community organizing. we are part of the bayview hunters point community and i grew up in the bayview. we were wondering, we are in support of herman housing for the homeless population, and we were wondering if you are working with some nonprofits in the bayview community and who, which ones if you are. also, in the proposal, it looks like
2:10 am
it's open during rainy days, but if it's not raining, where will the population be located and how will they be served? thank you. >> any of the public comment? seeing none, public comment -please come forward. i miss spoke with jane. she's on the next item. >> feel free to provide public comment even if you have not submitted a car could just go ahead and line up if you wish to speak. >> my name is pete [inaudible]. we are in the process of opening a good size arts and creative center right across the street from here 80. we definitely are in support of this type of program. folks do need to have somewhere to go and get out of the elements. we
2:11 am
would only ask that you guys encourage the city and whoever the specific groups are that are going to be running these facilities to be as available as possible to neighbors and businesses in the area. there's not a lot of us down there on that block. maybe a dozen different businesses in all in that immediate area, but would pay to have access to the folks that actually managing the facility so that we can coordinate and maybe even help some. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening commissioners. my name is bob harrop. remember the northeast waterfront advisory group. i was there for the presentation that was nato we could to go some familiar with the
2:12 am
proposal. basically i just have a couple of questions and a confirmation. number one, is during the presentation was mentioned that pure 27 and pure 80 would be one of the last to be opened up in a range you dance. there will be other locations that will be prioritized and so i just want to confirm that is still the understanding that pure 27 and 80 would be a second grouping or a second-tier of facilities to be opened if the need occurred? secondly, there was a question whether the hotline would be available in case people saw some problems and cleared there would not be a hotline in general to try to do with the homeless from, but obviously something connected directly with that. we assume directly connected with the facility at the two peers. then, finally, just a question.
2:13 am
did you give any thought to the possibility of getting some notice to immediate neighborhood when the peers were going to be open, just so they the residence and immediate neighborhood is aware of what is available and what is going on? thank you. >> thank you. any other public on? seeing none, public comment is close. perhaps before we speak if you could address good points. b2 yes. that evening president katz and commissioners. and director mark. jane curto director of operations for the government of agencies service. oh i think this update for to think support for partnering with us in providing these two facilities. in answering the question to me give a brief overview that we've identified 19 sites in the city, 229 and pure 80 are amongst the 19 sites. there are currently in
2:14 am
our tier to activation. we have approximately 1000 beds available in the first 14 sites. their tier 1 activation. we won't know until we actually activate one and go through it whether that capacity is sufficient, or whether we'll need to add capacity. so that will play bite your. will stage both by locations at the peers so that were ready to activate those shelters within a six or eight hour per night. the protocol for opening the shelters comes between the department of emergency management, department of public health, human services agency, the national weather service. when they predict that we will get sustained rains for more than 24-36 hours, coupled with temperatures and wind chill factors, then they'll go ahead and activate the shelters
2:15 am
. that upon the public health and the police department will be engaging people in their and kim and anton which alters they can go to. we've open the shelters in various locations throughout the city trying to put them in the immediate proximity of the encampments we know about. so if the rain lets up a little bit during the day and they still need to go back into the shelter they can return to the area that they normally reside in. so, this is the last time we had an el niño of the significance was in 1997 , some of you or member those rains. it was substantial. there is predictions that we may get as much as 18 inches of rain in the months of january and february, and possibly march. we don't know with these projections were these computer models will bear out, but that's what they're telling us. peter is a good thing we do not have you in the super bowl host. >> except i will say looking
2:16 am
into a dozen 98 clear period. i just want to clarify with super bowl l. we are hoping that holds true. via letter better if the niners had a chance to be in the super bowl but i don't think that's in the cards this year. we will be staffing good to be a shelter manager at each site which will be a city employee. will make all those phone numbers available once we mobilize. there will be cell phones and phones available at each site. 311 is going to be the main contact. they'll have the number of the managers on said if there's concerns from the committee we can address them quickly. we will have security on site as tom indicated, what at least one social worker on each shift, both people from the department of public health and department of human services. actually, our staff patterns since we
2:17 am
spoke with tom earlier, we considerably beefed it up soon each shoulder there will be servicing 100 beds and not all the facilities can hold 100 beds. but we would have a staff of 12 for any given shift. so, it is substantial pure we are relying on city workers to do most of the staffing from a private security of course will be there could we have meals on wheels, project open hand and the salvation army would being in hot meals to the clients during the times they are sheltered. we don't know if would be opening these for two days at a time, three days at a time, were planning on opening or up to seven should the storm wants that. the cities open for much better response than we had in 1997. for those of you that remember, we were staging people at it the stadium and also down in mission rock. neither one of those were done very well because the city was not prepared. so, this time we put a lot more preparation into it and we hope it'll go smoothly. we will just wait and see what
2:18 am
happens. so, i'm happy to answer any other questions anybody has. >> commissioner, i think it's important to note what they mentioned that the port facilities are the second round that are about you does not distinguish between round one and two so they're on call to the human services agency as needed. so, we are doing our best to support the humanitarian effort for which there might be some warning given by acts of nature but very little. as dave mentioned, it will be a herculean effort to call city staff in to work all this to the best of their ability. we will be getting a project
2:19 am
manager name, but i don't know how far in advance we will to put that name forward. i want to be very clear on that with the public. >> yes. were working with the department of human services to come up with the protocols for common staffing. we are calling for volunteers for the shelter manager could open by next week will have a list of those individuals. will make all that available as soon as it solidified into a plan. also, i might add, the mayor is announcing all this in a press conference tomorrow morning. module we sit here tonight will be repeated. >> thank you. commissioner brandon >> thank you good i think it's a wonderful effort that were a part of it. i hope it's successful. >> commissioner adams >> you know, this is something that the pulls at my heartstrings because as a part of our social fabric. our social responsibility as citizens to be involved. we are blessed and i know we've had a lot of discussions this year. the new guy came and adjusted the san it's an issue that i
2:20 am
see every day. we need to have the compassion. i believe the port can play a small way [inaudible] we all need to do something. we can do something i'm glad that the port, even though it's a small part, that we could play parts. it's our responsibility to do this. to the citizens of people that are less fortunate. anyone in this room could have a downturn in her life and the homes. it can happen to anybody. at one time all the people that are homeless had it together and something happens in all takes is one little thing to happen in your life and you could be out in the street and you can be homeless. how did i get myself into this position? so, this is important to me and i'm just so happy. i think the guys of bio wp monique was [inaudible] i think you were asking about that.
2:21 am
>> this would meet in shed a. at the moment there's no interruption to anyone. >> okay. i want to say thank you and clearly you have my support. this is huge. i've seen this every day on the waterfront. i see this on this and i know a lot of people wish it would go away. so we have so much wealth. we have over 60 billionaires in the bate area. with so much wealth. we have an abundance. most expensive city. i mean, sometimes i say to people, you doing the best they can and they say yes, and i'm really, we cannot do more. we will do more. thank you. >> just to answer the lady from india basin. we have provided over 4300 units of housing to homeless people over the last six years. those are mostly in our master lease hotels but we maintain a portfolio of 29 different hotels
2:22 am
where we are housing people here we are opening new ones all the time. as you can see, anyone walking on the streets can see the homeless population continues to grow in san francisco. so we are hoping that 1000 beds is enough, but will find out. we could go to 14, 1500 if necessary. we'll see what happens with the storm. it's also a good opportunity engaged some of these people to get them tied with her services to help them get back on the path to self-sufficiency. so, once you have a captive audience you can work with them a little bit. >> thank you. also want to thank you for all your efforts and i to-to try and help in what we hope will be unnecessary but i'm afraid in looking back on 97, babies were planning for a worst-case scenario and will be prepared for that. so, i appreciate that
2:23 am
were part of the solution. i want to thank you. and the city for steffens to being for thinking and trying to pin. i try to meet google on their own terms where things which i think we can learn from 97 when we set up the facilities mission rock in particular, where people on their terms and were able to bring in new people that had not access services the records were some unique needs for family units, the people have created that traditionally have not been incorporated the shelters that we had, had a handle-people that would have pets and would not seek our services because that was there for many people there one connection to some sort of humanity. they were afraid of losing their animal companions if they went into a shelter. so we created opportunities that. i think we learned a lot of lessons about how to bring people in and even
2:24 am
though it was not perfect and 97, we did figure out how to meet people on their terms and get a number people access the system. that we had not before. a couple thoughts and sort of suggestions. i do think notice to the neighborhood might be worthwhile, but also i think having to appeal to people's better instincts and that neighbors want to know how to direct people if they see them and some sort of distress knowing where they can direct people. i think there may be-i called 311 on a variety of matters and there's subsets of calls.. perhaps there could be for one for homeless outreach both for homeless individuals that her neighbors. so, people, and say what can i direct this person, who i like to get off the street, it would be possible to have a kind of information as well. perhaps having some dedicated staffing at 311 that would be over but better versed and this might be helpful for not only the homeless participants but for
2:25 am
community members that want to know where they can offer the kind of help. again, i think appreciate the outreach, tom that we've done for the community and the people know what's happening, but i think most of all i want people to recognize that the port is being a good partner in trying to address is commissioner adams pointed out, very serious situation and it's affecting all parts of our city and we need to do what we can to be compassionate to those that are not as fortunate. so i want to thank you for your efforts and thank our staff for making a contribution to try to improve on this. >> i want to say it's nice to see other city agencies come together for common cause. see that you don't see that too often every day. so it's a good effort by everybody. >> thank you. all in favor aye. apprised opposed dispute the motion carried >> item 12 request a position
2:26 am
for issue request for proposals for retail leasing opportunity up your turn. building located chestnut street added the embarcadero. the two men present, commissioners, my name is mark rosewood assistant deputy director of [inaudible] this a comeback item for the last meeting. at the time, you had a full presentation on the item you asked this come back because you had a couple of issues you want to clarify and you wanted some staff time put toward it. so, i'm here to give you an update. staff efforts that went on between the meeting etiquette the two major issues that you wanted staff to look after were basically public outreach and more specifically public outreach with the new-anyone some clarification as to the use language in the staff report
2:27 am
and kind of how that was going to be implemented with this rfp at pier 29 located building. the first issue, public outreach and support staff -attended, i attended the new meeting last wednesday. engaged the new agriculture in a very robust when the discussion. very informative. hopefully, answered all questions and dispelled any misunderstandings that the new-had with this proposal. i think everybody at that meeting left it going was very fruitful, informative, and very positive. the two things that we came away with for staff came away from that meeting was that the new-wanted
2:28 am
couple things to happen. i will report action on a couple items. those items were basically, number one we want to be kept in the loop. this wanted continuous information about the rfp as it progresses. so, i will basically attend the monthly meetings and give them an update every month on whatever is going on with the rfp. the other area they want to partake in the rfp process. i basically reminded them and reiterated the fact that was always port status intend to have a member as a part of the advisory panel that scores and ranks the proposals. so they were happy to hear that. it was actually an idea we told him about quite a while ago, about a year ago. the other part was
2:29 am
that, as we give presentations, as we narrow down the proposals to 2-3 of the finals, we were going to let we would have those files give presentations of the port commission and we were going to mimic that and have them see the same presentations so they can get -they conduct they could understand who the participants might be and what kind of uses might be. so, the other area of commissions concern was basically, clarifying some of the use language in the staff reports. and connecting that with how that might be implemented actually on-site within operator and we have done that by adding clarifying language to the staff report, which is underlined to make it easily identifiable for you. i think we've answered your
2:30 am
questions in that attitude language. if not will be happy to answer those questions. basically, in closing, i want to say that-i want to reiterate port status intent and goal in this rfp. this is kind of a balanced approach to an rfp. we have not done this before. looking at the extremes that may go on here, if we take one extreme and don't do anything, we could lease the space right now for storage space, warehouse space if we could do that tomorrow and be done with it. i don't think that is what staff once. i do figure out the commission wants and i really don't think that want that's what-once. what we want to do is invite the site and bring people in so they can see these historic, marvelous bulkhead
2:31 am
buildings. there's a way to do that to engage the public and bring them in. the other extreme was dir. moyer pointed out, at the last meeting, we could put this out as a restaurant. a top-end restaurant. and be done with it that way. that would not fulfill our goal of basically trying to create a new use. something that we don't have along the waterfront and something that does not compete with both the ferry building, fisherman's wharf, or replicates things we already have. what were looking for is something creative and new. we feel that through this rfp we are kind of trying to cast a fairly wide a net to capture as much as we can so that we can see what is out there. and be
2:32 am
creative. so, that's really the conclusion of my update. what i want to do is, of course, make my recommendation and so i want to recommend that the port commission approve this resolution which would allow port staff to issue the rfp and move this project forward. >> thank you. so moved. moved and seconded. public comment this because i've are jean connors. after that, aye. [inaudible] >> good evening, commission. monique moyer executive director and i think i'm the senior property of the ferry building and running the retail there after the whole building. the one thing you know about the retail it's all about location, location location. pier 29 undoubtedly is one of the best locations on the waterfront. i think all of us
2:33 am
took a very serious look at it when it was activated during the america's cup. i think for a flagship location for a local business, it's prime. i love the idea that you guys are looking at local businesses. i also think the guys really carefully considered the uniqueness of the ferry building and fisherman's wharf and what it offers. i'm really excited if it becomes a destination for something like sf made were local art businesses and i can see the waterford becoming like a granville island and vancouver where it's a big piece of property. essentially the waterfront. all these different elements are complement three to each other but have their own identity grandview island has a phenomenal local arts identity. if studios there. dave glass blowers. the people that make purses and bags.
2:34 am
there's weavers. you can go into the shops and have dialogues with the artisans will ask you to spend some money with the artisans walk 100 yards in that something like the ferry building good it's really a phenomenal opportunity in the ferry building is much in support of it. thank you. >> thank you. sorry if i butchered your name. >> [inaudible] from pier 30. the ports proposed a plan to create a vibrant and unique destination for local residents and workers. 29 bulkhead building that will not compete with existing port retail areas such as fisherman's wharf and the ferry building is a sound alternative to a light industrial parking facilities on the embarcadero. it is a special building. there is so much more that can be done with
2:35 am
pure 39, we do support the ports of san francisco in her efforts to redevelop a portion of pier 39 into a san francisco bay area ctr. destination and well, traction that will create energy and serve to further possibly activate the waterfront could i think that's really the key for beautiful embarcadero that i love scene right up especially this building tonight. i've been enjoying it. about a year ago we took a walk, a tour, through pier 29 could this challenge is in that building, but it really could become something amazing. i've talked to staff about different ideas. again, pier 39 is in support. if we can be of help we are here for you. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner adams. >> i am in support of this. i'm glad that you brought it
2:36 am
back. we've had it last month and it's kind of like at the end of the meeting when it's like a lot of confusion it's just a 20,000 ft.2. i think is a great opportunity. i think we ought to develop its. i think it would add to the luster of our waterfront and i think it's long overdue and we had to take something really make something great out of it. so, you have my support and i know the support of other commissioners also. >> are you speaking for us? mark, thank you for much for your report and thank you for meeting. and for continuing to meet with them and make sure they are part of this. they sure were happy with what you're trying to do. i look forward to their spots. >> mark, and susan as well,
2:37 am
why thank you both for all the work you put into this pit on but i'm very excited about this. i have to confess i started talking to a few people about it and how do i apply. i think there's a lot of excitement out there and it is a wonderful way that we can add something new and unique to our waterfront that's componentry. i love the granville island analogy, but i was can say to little bit like books about the blue greenway that's like a necklace with little jewels along the necklace. one other jewel on the northern waterfront area. opportunities and places for people to go. julie she would san francisco has to offer. some very excited to see what comes of this. but for to seeing this item move for. of the two, thanks for going back i know there was some confusion at the last meeting and i think some opt to station and misunderstand on that part of the public. so i like that we been able to
2:38 am
clarify and point out it's only 20,000 ft.2.. of course you could would be more than that within that but we'll get there and this is just a portion of the pier and that we been doing a lot about beach and got positive response back from the public on this. it's really exciting so thank you very much. all in favor aye. opposed bewkes item carries. thank you. >> i am 13 a request approval to select artists the garden and his proposal as recommended by sentences courts commission to the art enrichment program allow the port executive director to execute a memorandum of understanding during the port of san francisco and the sentences courts commission for the support property for no fee for the bayview gateway art installation. >> good afternoon, commission. david-with planning and development. i also want to recognize that separate cisco arts commission who is the project manager on this
2:39 am
project. we are here to request approval to select an artist and enter new eight mou with the artist commission for the use of the land and agreement on the maintenance, liability and vb removal of the arts. this project is a part of the, another jewel on the necklace of the blue greenway, which of the city project to complete the bay trail and bay area water chill and expand the open space network from mission creek to the county line. so, here is an exhibit of the blue greenway. again, this site is right in the middle of site number 20, right here. this slide shows specifically where
2:40 am
the bayview gateway is, which reopened in september did so here is the site plan on the bottom of the entire bayview gateway open space. a brand-new open space. some pictures of it. the site for the bayview gateway art is the primary site is on the corner of third street and arthur avenue, which turns into cargo way east of third street. so here's illinois street. third street. cargo way and arthur avenue. the primary site for the arts is on the west side of the street, with some componentry portions of it on the east side of the street. here is an overview of the project. basically this project is required under existing city policy to the art enrichment program. with few percent of capital costs for city funds go toward the art program. the port working with the arts commission selected the bayview gateway site as location to
2:41 am
fulfill this requirement from the 20 week part fun. the process to select the artist is used for nearly all the arts commission projects and is very comprehensive. typically includes a request for qualifications, a short list, the panel narrows the shortlist down to three artists and pays them a stipend to develop a concept. the concerts are displayed public and presented and presented to the port commission and the southern waterfront advisory committee. then the panel reconvenes mirv use the public comments on the three individual artists and their concepts and recommends an artist for selection. the panel recommended cliff garten as the selected artist. the selection panel represented the board of commission, commissioner brandon. the arts commission, community members
2:42 am
local artists and art professionals. and that is who sat on the selection panel. the artist, again, cliff garten, this social element called-he's completed more than 50 sculptures about us and canada and the civic sculptures of disobey named best in the nation by the americans for the public arts network and incited for design excellence for the american society of landscape architects. cliff describes his inspiration for-as the essence of bayview is really a creek as a geographic threshold to the neighborhood. the scripture suggests that wikipedia community the land is in a constant state of change, yet it is solid and enduring like a bayview community. the sculpture will be constructed using blue polychrome brown stainless steel mesh and a warlike form, narrow at the
2:43 am
base is biting at the top. in the evening 11 lighting to be landscaped as well. again if you took the evolution of the creek and its watershed and projected it horizontally to create this form that echoes the historic creek and watershed into the form of the creek today. so, this is the blue bronze and the stainless steel rat with the lighting and landscaping. the next two slides showed list rations of how the sculpture or flipbook on the east side of the street. including some of the landscaping and the scale. how it would look in the evening. so, this is driving southbound on third street. what would look like in the evening. that's how it would appear if you are driving in a car. the
2:44 am
mou is for a 25 year license to use the property and were waving the fee because this is again a project that's required by city policy. it's also located on the site with the port cannot receive any revenue for the adjustment public open space. the art will become part of the civic art collection and with that the arts commission will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep and liability of the arts in the mou will include a provision should you ever need to be removed that we have an agreement between both the arts commission and the city on how they would be removed and where it would go. so, the next steps if you prove this art for the arts commission to bring this in front of their visual arts subcommittee, which is subcommittee of the core commission to prove the actual artwork in the arts commission will continue to work with the artist to find the sculptural elements of it were hoping to
2:45 am
have it in place by early 2017. one of the things i'll mention is some of the work that mary is doing with the artist is how to integrate the eastern side of the intersection to truly make this a gateway apiece into the community to talk about the use of lighting, landscaping and other elements to tie the two pieces together. with that, mary and i both available for questions. thank you. >> so moved >> second speaker you're saying in case with come back for more money >> hopefully, not that with her to keep the door open if needed. >> monique does not. >> thanks. commissioner brandon thank you for serving on the committee. >> it was great. i think we have a wonderful partner in the
2:46 am
arts commission and they've just done a great job to bring this wonderful art along the waterfront. i had the opportunity to sit on this committee and because of some small glitch, we had to do it twice. both times we chose the same artist. so this was meant to be. but he's a wonderful artist come and it was a hard selection because they such a large group of artists that are absolutely wonderful. it's hard to make the decision but we did it twice. i'm really looking forward to it. >> any public comment? seeing none, public comment is close. thank you commissioner brandon. i'm excited to see the work that came out of this. i love the way it echoes the water in the creek and as soon as you get side-by-side that was interesting to see the vertical version of the creek. adams >> all those in favor say,
2:47 am
aye. opposed, nay. the item carries. >> item 13 request approved extension extension of a special event known as the yard in excess of 90 days at poor property at sewell lot 337 pursuant to least number l-14 1980 between the port in china basin ballpark company. >> thank you. one second look at the presentation loaded. today i'm pleased to provide an update on the financial programming aspects of the yard and the special that you previously approved for small portion of sewell lot 337 john's lot parking letter of good weather today you're asked to consider that leverages
2:48 am
existing infrastructure built on [inaudible] since the art yard open since in the spring of this year. that's pretty much for my introduction. i want to now introduce-to recap what occurred at the yard to date. was open in april this year and to showcase what lies ahead at the site. so, that i like fran and following the presentation was was to answer any questions you may have. thank you. >> thank you. jack there with the san francisco giants. before getting into today's item, i do want to take a minute and acknowledge the election results from november for mission rock. we scored a great victory. we did make the world series this year, but we had a good consolation prize.
2:49 am
it's a real tribute to the dedication and work over many years between both our organizations, the giants and the port, starting with commissioner brandon who chaired the subcommittee that kicked the whole project off to members of iran's staff that worked hard with us in particular-just look at the results were overwhelmed. 174% of the vote. we want every single present in the city of county and san francisco and we want any percent of the vote and many the precincts surrounding the site. so the outcome was really fantastic and surpassed even our wildest dreams. with that, the yard.. so lot a as you know is large surface parking lot facility. it's underutilized. it will be transformed the mission rock project before him our goal is to put it to good use with an
2:50 am
eye towards the future. that's particularly relevant for the item before you today which is urban soccer and the yard update. the yard opened in april of this year. before i get into that and to interview some people here today. that you may or may not know. sarah hunt with the giants, lori nichol will operate the art and our newest addition to our staff bosco maps here in the audience today. but the guard opened in april and it's really blossoms since it's open. it's become a popular destination, particularly for the neighborhood and people who live and work nearby. it has retail food and beverage and cultural programming. pete's coffee, food trucks from off the grid interview regarding, the whole beef which is a barbecue concept. we have a pop-up retail jury by sf made. a number of local enterprises
2:51 am
present. we are programming such as yoga, farmers market, phil knight music events, kids arts and crafts and a lot of activities at the site and to be part of the neighborhood and today we are excited to tell you about our newest venture, which is urban soccer. with that i'm an attorney over to fran welp will give you more details about the yard and urban soccer. >> thank you, jeff. fran welp with the giants. i can before you left you to seek approval for the yard so thank you for that. it's been a really fabulous concept and happy to be here again today to ask for expansion of this. so jack mentioned a number of different tenants and programming partnerships that we had. i want to just provide a little flavor visually. i think you can hear about these things, but still when you picture lot
2:52 am
a i cannot like i do. i wanted to provide some images for you the successes we've had over the last six months at the yard. as jack mentioned it opened in april so we just completed our six month of operation. we have had many thousands of people, i think already, through the facility. so, in addition to the food and drink offerings we have at the beer garden, and in the courtyard area, we have focused this year a lot of providing programming opportunities specifically towards families. mission bay has a growing family population and in general, this part of the neighborhood of the city has a need for additional family experiences, which urban soccer will also address him that we didn't look at over the course of the year. our passive
2:53 am
recreation opportunities have also been well received by people who look out over china basin and the san francisco bay. its unique vantage point that you have upon the steps that you can look out towards the bay. our active or creation users continue on a weekly basis. we have good camps that the north face. that hundreds of people participate in those. we have free yoga on weekend mornings when weather is good. it's incredible viewpoint. i'm not sure i could hold a position about getting distracted by the boats in the distance but it's been a popular amenity at the yard and brings people down on weekends and then they will stay and have lunch or meet up with family and friends afterwards. we also have music on saturdays and sundays throughout the summer and fall. which was a big hit year-round. so, earlier this
2:54 am
year we tried we have a lot of the small permanence, but let's have some bigger events and see if they work and test out our operations with them. this is an image of the first movie night at the yard. we showed jaws. put over 600 people attend. people were on the deck, in the beer garden, in the courtyard and lots of families and kids running away from the sharks in the water the we thought it was a huge success and hope to replicate it next year going forward. we have a lot of positive community feedback for this. in partnership with the farmers market at the ferry building they can go down to the yard and we felt three out of the four farmers market pop-ups which have children's activities like pumpkins
2:55 am
painting and read a pie baking contest before thanksgiving. once again, just really showing to demands this neighborhood had for services and for community and for programming was very strong. overall, so the small business opportunities we have mark-is with us today from open the folk open scope studio. they were the architect for the yard here in san francisco. our second major regional partner was a container fabricator which were the alternators were came into the port of open. we were looking at new york, north carolina and oakland provided and selected the open one could we definitely made a concerted effort to keep the yard impact local. we've had over 10 tenants to date. most of them
2:56 am
have been small business. either their first or second place in the city and of course programming partner. we've had many more those come through over the months. laura runs our social media elements so she can speak about some of these better than i but my favorite quotation that we have here is so that they turn this parking lot into the yard. it really shows the impact you can make which of with just a small piece of the site can really change people's perception of this part of the waterfront can bring community down. so, other goals we identified last year developing this concept of the yard, we met a lot of the of them and i think no one will continue to strive towards is reaching financial sustainability and as part of that, that involves having more
2:57 am
people come down to the yard, increasing the exposure citywide, generating new tenants relationships and were here today to seek your approval on one of those ideas for next year, which is urban soccer. enjoy today by josh fraser here with his family. he's the founder of urban soccer urban soccer was founded to really bring-there's a lack of soccer fields in san francisco. the very popular sport. as a acute lack of recreational activities for those youth and adult leagues in the city. so, all around the world people start playing soccer in smaller fields. they have to take up as much space. so the concept is 515 street soccer style. it can
2:58 am
be done in a much lower smaller footprint. so this would be licensed at would have from urban soccer through the league through the yard. this is the proposed location for urban sock. adjacent to the yard. it would take up approximately 11,000 ft.2 and hold two different soccer-which can be printed at east-west. five on five. the portion in yellow is outlined because it's flexible space and be also used for additional event opportunities were potentially parking on game day with the rest of [inaudible] the conceptual design is flexible to allow us to use it for soccer when there's demand and other uses
2:59 am
it the soccer is not there. soccer would be year-round, seven days a week. it would operate youth and adult leagues, instructional tournaments and also just free open pickup play. here are some of the details that you have in the staff report as well run the financing am happy to answer any more specific questions about that. one keynote, that i would make, it's the same minimum parameter rent that we have at the yard the same concept applies here so if the port paid industrial rate which is $.40 a month per square-foot comeau which translates into that $52,000 a year the fee that would come into the port. our first step
3:00 am
is coming to you to seek approval so we have not had detailed conversations with port staff about design and permitting yet but here some concepts about what this space could look like some viewing platforms and warm-up area. towards the yard. the soccer pitches is adjacent. so, that was the completion of the yard update for programming in 2015 and the urban soccer expansion of the yard footprint proposal. any questions will be happy to answer. >> thank you. moved and seconded. public comment? seeing none, public comment is close.


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